The local organizers will do the best to provide transportations (buses or vans) for all participants of the school from Guarulhos (São Paulo city) and Viracopos (Campinas city, São Paulo) airports to São Carlos city. The international code of Guarulhos airport is GRU, and Viracopos code is VCP. 

For logistic reasons we suggest all attendees to schedule the arrivals on July 12th, 2020, and the departure on July 25th, as below.


1) Arrival at Guarulhos (São Paulo city) airport before 7h30am, or

2) Arrival at Viracopos (Campinas city) airport before 9am.


To get our bus or van, please pay attention in the following.


  • Arrivals on July 12th, 2020.

For arrivals in GRU airport there will be buses (or vans) with departure time between 9am—9h30am. The meeting point will be informed soon. 

For arrivals in VIRACOPOS airport, also there will be buses (or vans) with departure time between 11am—11h30am. Meeting point will be informed soon.


  • For your departure on July 25th, 2020.

Transportations from SÃO CARLOS city to VIRACOPOS and GRU airports will be provided as follows: 1am (Saturday, July 25th) and 2pm (Saturday, July 25th). Meeting point in front of Anaca Hotel. 


Important remarks

1)   If you also want to participante in the international workshop (from July 26th to August 1st) you may look in the link to plan your departure.

2) In any case, you may also use the regular public transportations to go to (or leave) São Carlos city. For more information about public transportations please look in the link